Introducing ACS Home Accents

Hi everyone! I’m Annette.

I never thought of myself as any good at home decorating or even crafty for that matter. I didn’t even realize how much I liked it until I took a stab at it. I’ve decorated several homes now, remodeled a home or two, and completed more DIY projects than I can remember. Through it all, I’ve learned that I not only genuinely enjoy it, I’ve inherited some talent from my mother (I’ll get to that story later).

So, after a more than 20-year career in marketing, I decided to leave my traditional 9-5 job — well, it was more like a 9-9 job — to start ACS Home Accents. Bold move, right? Yeah, probably; however, this has been a dream I’ve been chasing for a long time now.

I started this adventure because I wanted to find a way to show others some of my favorite do-it-yourself projects and share my thoughts on style and design. My goal is simple: provide affordable and creative decorating solutions for comfortable living spaces without breaking the bank. With the founding of ACS Home Accents, I’m now able to share my DIY and home décor solutions with anyone who wants to listen.

Right here on this site, I provide design and style inspiration through articles on some of my most favorite products, home decorating trends, and more. I also feature regular how-to posts to inspire and provide a go-to guide for your next home décor project, makeover, decorating idea, and more. I genuinely want to share posts about projects, designs, and styles that you’ll want to read.

The ACS Home Accents retail shop offers the latest home accents and DIY supplies to help you bring the inside and outside of your home to life. From glamorous to minimalist, you can find a broad selection of indoor and outdoor home décor, affordable accent furniture, and unique silk floral designs and supplies. And because everyone deserves to feel good about where they live — no matter their circumstance — I’ve made a commitment to donate a portion of all merchandise sales to charities dedicated to helping the homeless community.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this small space on the internet can become your trusted resource for inspiration and innovation when you’re ready to enhance the comfort of your home and make it uniquely your own.

Stay a while and enjoy my posts and friendly conversation. And be sure to stop back often, as I’m just starting out and there’s lots more to come.


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