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Nature's Gift

While boating on Lake Cumberland, KY, I saw a branch bobbing in the water. I didn’t realize the mass, intricacies, and natural beauty hidden under water until we pulled it onto the boat. In this article, I share the steps I took to turn this forgotten piece of driftwood into a unique and beautiful coffee table. Read more ...

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Painting vs. replacing aging cabinets is a conundrum for sure. Painting cabinets using this foolproof, very forgiving technique will transform dull, old cabinets into vibrant and amazing looking cabinets in no time and with extraordinarily little cost. Read more ...

The Wow Factor

In the simplest of terms, a focal point is the most obvious and noticeable feature in a room that catches your eye first. Every room needs a focal point. Here are some simple steps you can take to create that special wow factor in your décor. Read more ...